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bf527-0.2 doesn't boot

Question asked by windhunter on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2010 by Andreas



We have made our custom board. It consists of bf527-0.2, MT48LC32M16A2 (32MB), spi flash, etc. Voltage regulator is internal. We take initcode from ezkitbf527-initcode. And we changed the followind registers.


#define EBIU_SDBCTL_VAL         ( EBE             |   EBSZ_32         |   EBCAW_9            |    0)

#define EBIU_SDGCTL_VAL            0x8091998D

#define EBIU_SDRRC_VAL          0x03F8


We add some sdram test function to initcode. Then we make simple program based on LwIp Etherner application and try to boot it via uart with ldrviewer. Uart bit rate is 9600. It begins to load. We see, that the sdram test function passes successfully. But then ldrviewer hangs up. The bf527 doesn't deassert HWAIT. Why bf527 can hang during boot?