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ADAU1701 GPIO as 4 Input Mux Switch

Question asked by dan_xerx on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2014 by dan_xerx

Hello everybody,


I need to cost down by eliminating the uC in my system and one of the functions, I believe I can transfer to the DSP is the mux switch.

Can someone help me realize this switch Mux implementation inside SigmaStudio? Four pre-set EQs as options to chose via a HW switch knob: only one is '0' (current select) while the other three are in pull-up state. The relative position of the knob selects the indicated pre-set EQ.

















Currently, my setup looks like the one below; using I2C to write at param RAM through a uC reading its four input pins. Basically I just want to use the DSP GPIO (instead of the uC pins) and select the filter based on the four GPIOs' logic.