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ADV7401 I2C bus documentation searched

Question asked by KLEOTECH on Oct 30, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by GuenterL

HI Everybody !


I am new here, normally I program the PIC32MX and since this sommer the MZ microcontroller family

the digital video is not my strong side, I developed some variant of embedded video player in C,

using HW accerelation of the PIC micro and an EPSON graphic chip.

Then I got some idea and inspiration to go deeper inside the displaying video content on the main TFT,

in small PIP window, and later full screen, so say to realise video input on my board,

but go ahead step by step...


The very first is to have documentation for the ADV7401.

I did not find description about the I2C bus usage/protocol/commands of this chip,

I wrote an email to the Analog Devices, and there I got an answer that here on the Engeneer Zone maeby I will find info

for programming the I2C bus interface.

Has somebody a datasheet for this thema I2C bus to the ADV7401 ?


Thank for your help