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AD9681 0x100 update

Question asked by you-i on Oct 30, 2014
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I have a question about register Resolution/sample rate override [0x100] of the AD9681.


Data sheet page 34  "Transfer (Register 0xFF)" to "All registers except Register 0x100 are updated the moment they are written. Setting Bit 0 = 1 in the transfer register initializes the settings in the ADC resolution / sample rate override register (Address 0x100)."

it is written, "initializes the settings".


In addition,Data Sheet page 35 in the "Resolution / Sample Rate Override (Register 0x100)" "Settings in this register are not initialized until Bit 0 of the transfer register (Register 0xFF) is set to 1.". it is written.


I think that it is necessary to 0xFF (Bit 0 = 1) To update the 0x100.

However, it is written to be "initialized" in the data sheet.

The AN-877 is described to be able to update it by sets 0xFF.


How do  update the 0x100?


I wanted the advice!