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No filters in the receive path on FMCOMMs1?

Question asked by Marchzh on Oct 30, 2014
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     I notice that in  the FMcomms1(Rev B) schematic, sheet 2, there is no inductance or capacitance in the input and the output of the demodulator  ADL5380, which are replaced with 0HM resistors. So, there is no any filters in receive path on the FMCOMMs1?

     In my design, I need a filter before the ADC filter, and the passband is 60MHz, the stopband is 80MHz.  The scenarios is to achieve sweep function within 600M ~ 2.4GHz range, with 81.92Msps sampling rate in which 60MHz bandwidth data is used for fft transform.

     Can anyone  give me a method to populate such a filter? I also see there are two filter positions, one is between ADF4351 and  ADL5380 (L43,L44,L45,L46,C272,C273,C274,...), the other is after the output of ADL5380(C115,C116,C142,C143,L25,L26,L27...).  Which one I shold use? The first one between ADF4351 and ADL5380 can suitable for the range 600MHz~3.0GHz?

     Could anyone give me a list of parameters for capacitance and inductance? Please make sure the value of above capacitance and inductance is available in market. Thanks.


    I am very anxious to solve this problem, please help me out. Thanks very much.




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