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Question about AD5933-EBZ

Question asked by Hanyang on Oct 29, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by sitti

I'm physics student at Dalhousie University.My current project is related to measuring the impedance versus frequency of target circuits and, ultimately, lithium- ion batteries.The AD5933- EBZ is a crucial component in my project. I have followed the instructions to measure the impedance of the circuits carefully, but the results I get are not ideal.

I used "Z" connector(right up corner on the board) to plug the calibration and unknown impedance, when I use the internal oscillator, the measurement can be proceed. When I used a waveform generator (BK Precision Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator model 4050) attached to the CLK1 SMB plug to provide the required MCLK frequency as described in the users manual.  When I do this the program keeps running and gives no response. SO I wonder if my external clock signal is not well generated. Like, how much the amplitude of the signal should be? Is there any off set?(I doubt there is any offset  but just in case). Also I wonder if the my connection is correct. For LK1 to LK6, I follow the note of tech note says in page 3, should it be different when I choose the external clock?



Can I get some suggestions about how to make proper measurements using the AD5933-EBZ?