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ADP5090(quiescent current and sleeping cuurent)

Question asked by shourya on Oct 29, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by Kevin.Yao

HI all


I was going though the datsheet of ADP5090. I got confused with the specs given in datasheet i.e. operating quiescent current of sys pin i.e.320nA(typ) and sleeping quiescent current of sys pin  i.e 260nA(typ). sleeping current is quite understandable that when you are not supplying any load and the the CBP < MINOP so that means charge will shutdown so that is fine.


But the operational quiescent current in not understandable which is 320nA. if the operational quiescent current is this much less then minimum power required to start normal charging operation after cold start should be much less than 10uW/0.5V@vin which is given in the datasheet.


please some body clear me this minimum power specs and operating quiescent current specs.