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BF54x USB HDD initialization problem

Question asked by romanlomoff on Oct 29, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by jobo23


We have our custom BF547M-based board and we are trying to work with external USB HDD.


One of the disks, 3Q-U225-EB320  USB 2.0 320 Gb, work normally.

Other disks Seagate STBU500201 USB 3.0  500 Gb and Buffalo MiniStation USB 3.0 500GB (HD-PCT500U3) do not work.


I created a project that initializes file system and test the speed read/write USB HDD. I connected the drive after InitFileSystem().

You can see all transaction between board and HDD 3Q in the file 3Q.jpeg. All transactions are properly. Result of function adi_fss_PollMedia() is true and after that started SpeedTest() function.


With other disks result of function adi_fss_PollMedia() is  false. You can see all transaction between board and HDD Seagate in the file Seagate.jpeg.


Why the some of hdd do not work? With usb flash drive this problem do not arise.

Here are my test project and screenshots with tests.


Best regards, Roman.