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Seeking Advices for starting a new project.

Question asked by newbie on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2010 by TomA

We are starting a new project for developing an Electrocardiograph. We have an Acquisition module which gives 12 channel information from 12 leads. We are planning to use ADSP BF 527 to acquire ECG samples from the acquisition module and transfer the samples as packets using USB 1.1 of blackfin to a host processor running an embedded OS.


I wish to get some information to get a start.


The basic Question is What type of USB transfer should i use for transferring ECG samples?
Bulk, Isochronous or Interrupt?


What type of buffers should i use to store the acquired data?
Is it 1D buffer or 2D buffer or Circular Buffer.


What type of dataflow method should i use?
Is it Chained with or without loopback.


I also need to transfer the software/firmware version from the Blackfin to the host ? For that which transfer type should i use?

It will be really helpful if someone can shed some light on these queries of mine.


Thanks in advance