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Recommendations for 2-2,5 kW AC-DC Power Supply Design with PFC

Question asked by Ivan-Rusov Employee on Oct 28, 2014
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I would like to design 2-2,5 kW AC-DC Power Supply with PFC for communication infrastructure equipment.



Input: AC 220V±20%.

Output: DC 48V±15%, 40A.

I am looking for ADP1048 as interleaved/bridgeless PFC controller and ADP1046A as full bridge isolated power supply controller.

I found that you have ADP1048 600W Evaluation Kit which is reference design for 600 W PFC and ADP1046A Wide Input Range, Full Bridge Phase Shifted Topology which is reference design for 600 W power supply.

Do you have reference designs for creating 2-2,5 kW power supply with described requirements? Would be helpful if you could provide me a guide for choosing such power electronic like MOSFETs, gate drivers, inductors, etc.

What is a main difference between interleaved and bridgeless modes in ADP1048? Where can I find more detailed description of these features?

Imagine that I created power supply. How could I program ADP1046A and ADP1048 during mass production? Should I use GUI or could any other features be available for programming ADP1046A and ADP1048?

If you could provide me requested information ASAP I most likely start the new design with ADP1046A, ADP1048 and another recommended parts like gate drivers, isolated interfaces, etc. Thank you in advance.