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Testing the ADUM3220/3221

Question asked by jcloiacon on Oct 27, 2014
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I am designing an electrical stimulator to produce two consecutive peaked waveforms of length roughly 100us at 300 volts. Each peak pair shall be 10ms after the previous. I have chosen the ADuM3220 chip, a transformative isolator, because of its speed and ability to control NFETs on the high side of the load. My design looks like this:



Where the 10nF cap is rated for 1kV. A single 10us, 5v pulse should produce a voltage over the load which looks something like:


I will decrease the pulse time from 10uS until the capacitor no longer charges fully. The important thing is dv/dt at t=0+.


However, I have not been able to successfully test the chip. Right now, my test configuration looks like this:


In this configuration, I expect to see +15v between VOA and GND2 (with the multimeter), but unfortunately there is no voltage present.

Have I fried my chip in soldering it to a SOIC-DIP adaptor, or is my setup incorrect?


Thanks in advance.