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AD7091R powersuply and Vdrive

Question asked by Chaitanya_Varma on Oct 27, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2014 by jcolao

Hi every one,

(please read ADC ADC7091R datasheet carefully before answering).


I am using ADC AD7091R for my project. I am interfacing it with a micro-controller.

The power supply I have given to the AD7091R is +3.3V

The power supply I have given to the micro-controller is +5V.

SO the VDRIVE for the ADC should be +5V.


which means that the SPI interface between the ADC and the uController will have a 5V signal.


I would like to clarify the criterion:

Can the device function with Vdrive>Vdd.

(I am asking this question because I have also selected similar ADC AD7954. It is similar to the ADC AD7091R. But for AD7954 there is a condition Vdrive should not exceed Vdd+0.3V. So i am supplying the Vdd=3v. so i couldnot use this device).


In the data sheet it is clearly given that the Vdd and Vdrive are independant, but I want it clarified with a professional and who has worked with the device.


Thanks in advance.