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FMCDAQ2 and FMCADC2 availability

Question asked by StuartP on Oct 27, 2014
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I tried the following Q in "FPGA Reference Designs" a few days ago but no response. Are they all at X-Fest?

These FMC cards have the AD9680 and and AD9625 ADCs so maybe this is the better forum to ask.








Can you give me an idea of when the FMCDAQ2 will be generally available for purchase, especially in the UK.


Also I see that there is an HDL design for it but no softwaredrivers yet on the ADI Git repository. Is this imminent as I guess there is a working version of something as you are showcasing it in this years X-fest.


The same questions go for FMCADC2.


Very exciting products!


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