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ADP323 Pulsing Spikes

Question asked by K.T.Eng on Oct 28, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2014 by LucaV

I have the schematic below, which i have created with the ADI Linear Regulators Excel tool.

I am producing Vout 1 = 2.8 Volts

                         Vout 2 = 2.5 Volts

                         Vout 3 = 1.8 Volts

I am pulsing the EN1 at 4Hz to drive a circuit but pulsing AC spikes exactly at 4Hz appear at the GND, VIN, Vout 1, Vout 2 , Vout 3  , around -/+20mV .



Can you please help me eradicate that issue as soon as possible.

I am not exactly sure what is causing the issue, I am pulsing the EN1 directly from a pin of a MCU.

Thanks in advance.