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Question asked by Antimax on Oct 28, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by Antimax

Dear  everybody,


             I have a strange  problem. There are tree IIC devices on my board.  By IIC I can access them very well except ADV7611.

         I do not know why. I make the IIC'wave like UG-180 P175.  But fristly, if i write the IO  0xF4 0x80,  the result is Nack, and  write others registers the result is ack.  Secondly, I can not read any registers. If i read , the result is also Nack.


See below .Thanks you



1. This is a normal wave.  Write 98(IO)  F9  64


2.This is a error write wave. Write 98(IO)  FF 80  The result is Nack


3. This is a error read wave  read 0x64(ksv module) 0x77

      Fristly we write 0x64 and 0x77


  Secondly we send 0x64  But the result is Nack