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HMC832LP6GE PLL Frequency Tuning

Question asked by TUhallo on Oct 27, 2014
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I've designed an evaluation board for HMC832LP6GE and I've been working on that.

I've some doubts regarding the frequency tuning .Please advice me the procedure for frequency tuning !


All the registers have been initialed ( see H832.txt ) and the RF output locked to desired Frequency. Now I'm trying to tuning the frequency by write REG03 and REG04 (refer to datasheet 1.4.2  page25 ), but the RF output is wrong and the pll unlocked .

I checked the design kits and the evaluation software (Hittite PLL VCO Evaluation Software V3240), there are several SPI writing waveform when I push the Update Frequency button. So could you tell me the right sequence of REG write & read when I tuning frequency ?


On my board ,REF = 100MHz , PFD = 50MHz, 750MHz < desired frequency < 1500MHz.