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BF506F - SPORT1(DRPRI & DRSEC)  DMA can not handle???

Question asked by my123wing on Oct 11, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2010 by WassimB

Hi! I am currently developing Sensor ADC Module by using BF506F. I am using ACM with SPORT1 and DMA4 to handle the received data.Now, I am able to read from one of the ADCs  (BF506F provide 2)  intergrated in the BF506F but to further improve my sensors ADC module performance, I was asked to use 2 ADC simultaneously (Single End Mode). The problem is: I only received the Data from Va1 via DMA4 and nothing from Vb1!!! Is there any SPORT setting I need to change?? or In Single-End mode, I can only read from Va channel???