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Queries about AD8099

Question asked by WayneQ on Oct 27, 2014
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Dear Supporter,


I have a query about AD8099. I use AD8099 in my product. The package is SOIC-8.

The power supply is +/-5V. The gain is set as -10.

Input signal is square wave with the frequency of 2MHz.

After increasing the input amplitude, the output gets its full range.

The output has over-shoot. My schematic and testing results are attached for your reference.

I tested with signal generator and oscilloscope, which means the output doesn’t have capacitive load. We used AD817 and AD847 before, AD817 and AD847 worked well.


I have two queries here.

1, why is there over-shoot here? How can I eliminate it?

2, I read the description of Pin Cc in the datasheet. It is used as compensation for the gain range of –1, +2 to +10. Is it worked for the gain of -10? Is it the over-shoot caused by the poor compensation work design?


Could you please help give some comments on the issues?


Thanks in advance for your help and support!