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Problem of connection between ADC and BF609

Question asked by adwin on Oct 27, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2014 by Prashant


    I meet a problem when I  try to use BF 609 to read ADC data from EPPI. The EPPI CLK is 40MHz, and the SCLK of BF609 is set as 50MHz.The DMA is work well, but there is no data be read into the RAM in chip. The status register of EPPI2 show that the YFIFO is error.

I chose the FS0 mode of EPPI2. The codes are as following :


/*-------------------config the DMA ---------------------------*/


     r0.h = 0x0002;

     r0.l = 0x240C;

     p0.h = hi(REG_EPPI2_CTL);

     p0.l = lo(REG_EPPI2_CTL);

     [p0] = r0;


     r1.l = lo(real_data);

     r1.h = hi(real_data);         

     p1.h = hi(REG_DMA31_ADDRSTART);

     p1.l = lo(REG_DMA31_ADDRSTART);

     [p1] = r1;


     r1 = 128;

     p1.h = hi(REG_DMA31_XCNT);

     p1.l = lo(REG_DMA31_XCNT);

     [p1] = r1;


     r1 = 2;

     p1.h = hi(REG_DMA31_XMOD);

     p1.l = lo(REG_DMA31_XMOD);

     [p1] = r1;



     r1.h = 0x0050;

     r1.l = 0x0126;

     p1.h = hi(REG_DMA31_CFG);

     p1.l = lo(REG_DMA31_CFG);

     [p1] = r1;



     r0 = [p0];

     r1 = [p1];



     [p1] = r1;

     [p0] = r0;


      wait0: jump wait0; 


If there is some errors for the configuration of the registers? If the VID_CONN register should also be set? Thank you!