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ADV212 EIRQFLG doesn't reset

Question asked by alexpu on Oct 25, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by DaveD



I'm trying to use ADV21, I make all according to fig.12, page 17 of Programming guide. I have read correct firmware ID=0xff82.

Then I try to reset IRQ flags by writing to direct address 0x6 value 0xFFFF. Then I read address 0x6 and I see value 0xf. I didn't send any data and sync on VDATA bus and on Host pixel interface. I try to reset flags again - and still no rezult - Iread th same value 0xf from address 6. I setup the following encode parameters (begining from address 0x57f00, 16bit host mode):


0x0100 - pal 422, 8bit

0x0303 - 3level transform, unipolar C, unipolar Y

0x0300 - Codeblock 128x32, irreversible 9x7

0x0000 - No skip fields, no attribute data

0x0101 - target rate control,

0x04ac - image size = 66732bytes

0x0041 - LRCP, HVF pins

0x0002 - quantization factor 1x, JP2 format