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How to use biquad function correctly?

Question asked by Graydon on Oct 23, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2015 by Graydon

I've use matlab get the EQ coeffis a,b , and its work correctly, but when I fill in DSP biquad function, the state value always were -1.#INF.

I was using vector biquad.  please help me!   The dsp chip is sharc dsp 21488.


dsp code:


static float pm coeffs[MAX_BAND_NUM*5];

float dm state[31*2+1];


coeffs[0] =  0.7673;//a2;
coeffs[1] =  -1.7522;//a1;
coeffs[2] =  0.2295;//b2;
coeffs[3] =  -1.7522;//b1;
coeffs[4] =  1.5379;//b0;






matlab figure: