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Simultaneous I2S INPUT and OUTPUT from DSP

Question asked by hsj on Oct 23, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by JohnTo

Dear All,


We are fairly new to SigmaDsp and would like to ask a question to see whether we can use a DSP part from ADI in our designs.


We have a master I2S stereo output from a HDMI RX device.


This I2S would go into ADI SigmaDSP device using the digital input port.


For outputs:

1. We would like to have a separate L/R stereo analog line-level output to drive a separate class-D amplifier

2. At the same time we would like to have a subwoofer LFE channel that has been processed with a low-pass function at around 120Hz.


The subwoofer channel is a summed and filtered mono output and can be either analog or a digital I2S channel out from the DSP for the subsequent driver stage.


We have been looking at some devices but it is unclear so far from any documentation whether the I2S SDIN and SDOUT can be utilized to just use the DSP core. In other words I2S DATA in --> Stereo L/R(main) + I2S DATA out(filtered sub)


Any feedback is highly appreciated.