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DVI to VGA active RAMDAC using ADV7123

Question asked by superchad on Oct 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2014 by GuenterL

I need to make a custom DVI to VGA adapter that supports 1920x1440@75Hz (for a CRT Monitor)  which is around a 330MHz VGA Bandwidth


I have been looking at the ADV7123 (specific model: ADV7123JSTZ330) for this purpose as i think it has the minimum VGA bandwidth for this purpose (it fits the 330MHz need).

to clarify, would this device fit the need? and do you know what i would need in order to interface to DVI?

I don't know much about designing circuits and need to be able to hook this adapter up to DVI for input, and VGA for output and do not know enough about how the circuit and the interfaces work, i could probably figure the VGA out, but DVI might be a bit tricky, the DVI interface must also support 10-bit colors and send 10 bit color to the ADV7123 (since it is a 10-bit RAMDAC)

I plan to use this on a new graphics card with a Display Port to DVI adapter, and then this adapter to convert the DVI signal to VGA, it needs to be DVI for the adapter for testing as i will be testing it on my old Graphics Card that does not have Display Port, if it where possible, I would prefer a 400MHz bandwidth RAMDAC but I am on a budget and could not afford a custom order.