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ADV7393 settings question

Question asked by Lou on Oct 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2014 by DaveD


One of my customers is using the ADV7393 and has the following questions:


They wish to use it to convert a 1080p video (max 30fps) into an analog signal (any sort of CVBS signal, it does not have to be a standard)

But going through the registers it seems that one can only convert HD modes into analog YUV or RGB, but not CVBS.


Is there any trick to get CVBS out of a HD mode signal?

It is however possible to get CVBS out of a SD mode signal…..


Alternatively: is it possible to set the ADV7393 in a ‘real’ slave mode where it follows the incoming H and V pulses?

It looks like the chip has an internal pixel counter that generates syncs based on the number of clock pulses.


Because of this you cannot trick the device into converting HD video by setting it in SD mode and running a faster clock (e.g. 74,25MHz
instead of 27MHz)….


Or do you know some way around this?


Thanks in advance !