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AD9361: Input and Output balun transformers for TXs and RXs

Question asked by simonam on Oct 22, 2014
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We’re designing a board with the your device AD9361.

We would like to have a wider input and output bandwidth than your evaluation board

in which there are a few balun transformers by Johanson Technology (P/N 2450BL15B050, see its datasheet DS_...pdf).

See the attached file (Config_...pdf) for more information about this balun configuration.


We would like to use the balun transformer NCS1-292+ by Mini-Circuits (see the attached file for its datasheet).


Could you check our electrical drawing for the RXs and TXs connection with the SSMC connectors?

See the attached file for more information about it.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks a lot for your kindness in advance.


Best Regards, 


Simona Mazzocchi