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ADAU1761 design: Signal Detection Cell is used to monitor the incoming audio signal

Question asked by Jane on Oct 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by Jane

Dear sir,

In my customer's ADAU1761 design, they would like to use Signal detection cell to monitor the incoming audio signal. Once no audio signal is present at the input for a given amount of time, the Signal detection cell would output a flag via ADAU1761 on-chip GPIO, and the flag alert MCU that no audio signal is present then the MCU could power-down unneeded parts of the system. But the question is, there is a conflict, ADAU1761 all GPIO ports (GPIO0~3) are configured as I2S interface.

Would you please hlep to advise is there any other method to alert MCU the incoming audio signal status by using ADAU1761 existing  algorithm?

Many thanks in advance.