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SRC AD1895, how much difference between input and output sample rate does trigger the MUTE ?

Question asked by Paramecium on Oct 22, 2014
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I have questions about SRC AD1895.

In the data sheet, we can find following descriptions.

Under what conditions does the device detect the change in a sample rate ?

I afraid that unexpected MUTE occurs during the audio data playback …

When either input or output sample rate frequency slightly changes,

for example, 48Khz becomes 47KHz or 47.99KHz, 96KHz become 95KHz or 95.99 KHz, and so on.

does the AD1895 detect the change and enter the Fast Setting mode ?

Are there any threshold time difference that triggers the Fast setting mode ?


AD1895 data sheet rev.B


Page 15

The digital servo loop measures the time difference

between input and output sample rates within 5 ps.


To reduce the settling time, upon deassertion of RESET or a change in a sample rate,

the digital servo loop enters the Fast Settling Mode.