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AD-FMCOMMS5 Multi Channel Oscilloscope

Question asked by ahelak on Oct 21, 2014
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I have an AD-FMCOMMS5 eval board connected to a ZC706 eval board. The ZC706 is loaded with software and firmware as described in the FMCOMMS5 wiki, and I am able to successfully run the IIO oscilloscope tool. I am interested in running the calibration procedure described in the attached pdf on the eval board. Based on slides 12-14 of that presentation, I believe I should be able to record 4 or more voltages simultaneously to compare phase differences between the waveforms.


After running the and scripts and starting the iio oscilloscope, I am able to capture up to 2 voltages at a time. Attempting to capture more than two results in an error message "number of channels not supported".


Zooming in on the pdf presentation, it looks like the calibration procedure uses the multi plot osc tool, but the source for that tool branch has not been updated in some time and it crashes when trying to run even after updating latest.


Is the iio oscilloscope in its current state intended for use with the dual AD9361 chips in the FMCOMMS5 board, or is there a future update planned to support more than two voltages? I am also curious why only one device shows up in the devices menu when there are two on the FMCOMMS5 board, but experimenting with the voltages seems to indicate that some of the voltages correspond to one AD9361 and others correspond to the other one. I can also see multiple devices in the debug panel of the oscilloscope tool.


Any information would be appreciated -- thanks.