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Exactly what i2c boot content is required for the ADAU1761?

Question asked by MickLindell on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by JohnTo

The data sheet for the ADAU1761, page 45, paragraph STARTUP states:


The following steps should be performed every time a new program is loaded...


Set the DSPEN bit in R61

Set DSPSR to 1111 in R57

Set DSPRUN to 0 in R62

Download registers, program RAM and parameter RAM

Set DSPRUN to 1 in R62

Set DSPSR to 01 in R57


How do I know what registers to load. They look to be sequentially loadable like the program and parameters, but there is no consolidated content visible, like with program and parameters. If the register load format is variable that becomes more of a problem for production loading and installing updates.


Can the registers be loaded from an array, and how do you locate or conveniently build one?