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ADSP-21261SKBCZ150 debug/program

Question asked by vinodkaruvat on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by CraigG

Hello Friends,


I want to develop a board based on the ADSP-21261SKBCZ150 chip. I am unable to find debuggers and programmers for the said chip.

Will the emulator suffice. I check the website and noted that the ICE1000/2000 can do the job as both have Blackfin and Shark support (Low Cost ICE-1000 and High Performance ICE-2000 USB-based JTAG Emulators | Analog Devices).


I wld be interested in the ICE1000 as its just 150$ or so. But, the datasheet of the module does not mention anything about the shark. I have not delved deep into the Shark much as the project is in the initial stages. But, the chip, I believe, does not have any program, memory(internal Flash),right !

So, I must interface an external flash(say via an SPI or some parallel protocol). Am I right in this assumption. If so, do I program the code directly into this chip. This would mean I need a provision/connector for burning the new code during development.