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questions about ADV212 application

Question asked by on Oct 21, 2014
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Now i am using the ADV212 to compress the monochrome vedio with 12-bit pixel, picture size 4096x6300. There are some questions to ask:


1)I use custom specified mode and 5/3 irreversible, as  descriped in User' program guide, in the custom specified mode ,the maximum block number is 610 and the recommended block size is 32x128, so the maximum picture size will be 32x128x610=4096x610, could I use this tile size 4096x610?


2)In Hipi mode, DMA0 is used as pixel channel and DMA1 is used as code channel.When i transmit pixel data to pixel FIFO as soon as the Dreq0 is activiated, and the compressed data is recieved continuously , HOW can i know the tile/frame is finished compressing? by check the SCOMM[4] pin ? and is the SCOMM[4] will activated at the end of each burst or each tile/frame?


3)When the output format is J2C, and I will use KAKADu on PC to decompress the data, what should I do to deal with the compressed data flow? just recieve the data from DMA1 and transmit them to the PC ?


4)When the compressing process is running, I want to change the input picture size(for example, 4096x512 to 256x512), How can I stop the running process and change the configuration register?


5)When the code  FIFO threshhold interrupt is triggered , after the fifo data is read out, the flag must be cleared by the host writing command? or it is cleared by the ADV212?




Shaohui Zhu