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multiple channel filter bank

Question asked by jimruxton on Oct 9, 2010
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I have a newbie question. I am about to embark on a project for which I am
designing a multiple channel filter bank. This device will have an input
signal from 20 to 10K Hz and and 8 outputs. The outputs will split the
signal into 8 frequency bands approx. 
20 to 100
100 to 200
200 to 300
300 to 400
400 to 500
500 to 600
600 to 700
700 to 10k
Someone suggested to me that I could use an ADAU1442. Before I spend big bucks on the development board I thought
I would ask here if people think this is feasible. I haven't done a complete analysis yet but I'm assuming I will 
have to use IIR as opposed to FIR due to the narrow bands involved. I would appreciate any advice since I'm new to
the DSP world.