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ADV7343 schematic review

Question asked by Employee on Oct 21, 2014
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The customer's usage is;

Input: RGB888 720x480i(SD)

Ouput: Y/C(S-Video)


Below is my review results. is there any mistake in my reviews? And, do you have any comments?

  1. The unused P_Hsync(pin#22), P_Vsync(pin#23), P_Blank(pin#24) should be pulled up to VDDIO_3V3 via 10kohm or 4.7kohm.
  2. The unused CLKIN_B(pin#63) pin should be tied to GND.
  3. The 2200pF related to Vref(pin#46) should be changed to 0.1uF.
  4. Both 169ohm and 0.15uF related to EXT_LF1(pin#33) and EXT_LF2(pin#31) should be swapped.
  5. ADV7343 required power-up sequence between VDDIO_3V3 and VDD_1V8 like below.power.png


However, I'm attaching customer schematic.


Best regards,

Steven Yang