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Question about AD5933-EBZ

Question asked by Hanyang on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2014 by musach

I'm physics student at Dalhousie University.My current project is related to measuring the impedance versus frequency of target circuits and, ultimately, lithium- ion batteries.The AD5933- EBZ is a crucial component in my project. I have followed the instructions to measure the impedance of the circuits carefully, but the results I get are not ideal.


The measurement of the magnitude of impedance is accurate and matches predictions that we make for simple RC parallel circuits. However, the phase measurement is always way from reality which means that I cannot extract the real and imaginary components of the impedance, which I need to get. I used a waveform generator (BK Precision Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator model 4050) attached to the CLK1 SMB plug to provide the required MCLK frequency as described in the users manual.  When I do this the result for the magnitude of the impedance matches theory but the phase measurement is ridiculous. For instance, I choose a parallel RC circuit with R = 1kOhms and C = 2uF.  At a frequency of Omega = 500 Hz, the phase measurement should be around 45 deg, however the results are close to zero every time.



Can I get some suggestions about how to make proper phase angle measurements using the AD5933-EBZ?