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Problem about ADL 5380 Evaluation Board

Question asked by lilimo on Oct 20, 2014
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I have two questions about ADL 5380 evaluation board. I list them as follows:


1. On Page 6 of ADL 5380 data sheet, the ADL 5380 evaluation board is fully enabled when the ENBL pin is low. But on page 34 of the data sheet, the device is active when connected to Vs. I am a little confused about it. To enable ADL 5380 evaluation board, is ENBL pin low or high?


2. For the new version of evaluation board, there is the yellow TP pin connected to Vadj pin (pin 19 on the ADL5380). Vs is also connected to Vadj pin through 1.5 kOhm R23. If I want to use TP pin to control ADJ pin voltage, need I to disconnect R23?


Thank you for your help!