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ADF 4106 SPI problem

Question asked by Hao on Oct 7, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2010 by dawid.powazynski

I have been working PIC 18f4320 to interface  ADF 4106 Frequency synthesizer. my problem is  any one of initialization latch method/counter reset method is not working properly. only in the counter Reset method i could get R Div value of my interest (dividing the reference frequency using R counter is our requirement). But the out put divided R value s not  not stable andit is accompanied by reference clock. I followed the protocol of latch enable and tried with different dalays. However after programming the MCU i needed to change port pins (LE) from one pin to the other  manually(high to low). but sometimes only my divided ra value is coming out. My crystal frequency is 11.0542 MHZ.  and my doubt is if i want to configure only R counter , that time may i ignore latching the N counter and Fuction latch(in case of initialization latch method)?  i request you to kindly help me in this regard and clear my doubt.


Thanking you.