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ADAU1701 Leaky Mute.

Question asked by AlexSS on Oct 20, 2014
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I wish to use a GPIO controlled mute switch and have used the 'single slew ext volume' block to do so. This sort of works but allows a distorted (attenuated but audible) signal through when muted. Is there a attenuation figure for this block I can check my hardware against to see if it is working as expected?


The ADAU1701 is part of a larger item, with analog circuitry surrounding the ins and outs, on the DAC I have a fair amount of gain to bring up the 0.9 Vrms of the DAC to make use of the +/-15v full range analog output...I suspect this gain may be the problem, without which any leakage would be inaudible?


(On a slightly related note, any thoughts on if I am best off using a resistor value of around 100k for the ADC to make use of +/-15v rails or using a lower resistor value and attenuating my signal accordingly?)


Many thanks.