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BF606 exception

Question asked by MikeSinkovsky on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2014 by Aaronwu



We trying to bootstrap our first custom board with bf606 processor.

Board boots from SPI flash, but hangs immediately after first "rti" in basiccrt.S


If I make simplest program, single line: "here: jmp here",

then connecting to jtag interface and starting gdbproxy and gdb -

ILAT register (0xffe0210c) contains 0x00000004 - exception bit,

and RETX register contains 0xc8000fa2 - address in L2 ROM.


Here logs from bfin-gdbproxy and bfin-elf-gdb:


=== bfin-gdbproxy ===

Found USB cable: gnICE+

Connected to libftdi driver.

IR length: 5

Chain length: 1

Device Id: 00010010100000000100000011001011 (0x128040CB)

  Manufacturer: Analog Devices, Inc. (0x0CB)

  Part(0):      SDU (0x2804)

  Stepping:     1

  Filename:     c:\analog devices\2014r1\elf\bin\../share/urjtag/analog/sdu/sdu

warning:   bfin: no board selected, 3 parts are detected

warning:   bfin:   parts: [BF609 BF609] SDU

notice:    bfin: jc: waiting on TCP port 2001

notice:    bfin: jc:  (you must connect GDB before using jtag console)

notice:    bfin-gdbproxy: waiting on TCP port 2000

notice:    bfin-gdbproxy: connected

error: sdu: unable to halt core(s)

info:      [0] locked: DBGSTAT [0x1000]


=== bfin-elf-gdb ===

Remote debugging using :2000

[New Thread 1]

[New Thread 2]

0xffa00000 in ?? ()

(gdb) x/i $pc

0xffa00000:     JUMP.S 0x0xffa00000;

(gdb) x/x 0xffe0210c

0xffe0210c:     0x00000004

(gdb) display /x $seqstat

1: /x $seqstat = 0x100

(gdb) display /x $retx

2: /x $retx = 0xc8000fa2