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ADV7611 EDID configuration

Question asked by amirk on Oct 20, 2014
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We use ADV7611 in our product and we have a problem when connecting to Dolby Digital sources. Our device only support 2 channel PCM and the EDID configured in the ADV7611 publishes that Dolby Digital is supported.


I reviewed many posts in this forum and I downloaded recommend tool for editing EDID + the ADV7611 recommended EDID in the right format (Matt you provided it in other post).


I managed to create new EDID file and it looks like it's working (see attached), but I'm not sure I didn't lose anything.


My concern is that when I load the recommended EDID file and just save is with the EDID tool with different name, I get different file (values are changed compared to the original file).


I found other tools, but most of them use bin files.


Do you have any explanation for this behavior?

Can you review the attached EDID file and let me know if it's ok.

I'd appreciate your support!