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MP3 encoding 16kHz/16kbps

Question asked by Milan on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2015 by Milan

Hi all,

i have two devices, both with Blackfin BF538 processor. The devicea are connected via radio with limited bitrate speed. I need to transfrer MP3 data stream. So one device will work as a transmitter and will produce MP3 data stream from analog audio signal. The second device will serve as a MP3 decoder and will play the audio through speakers. I use 16 kHz samle frequency and the bitrate of MP3 data stream has to be 16 kbitps or less. There is no problem with these parameter on the MP3 decoder side. I use MP3 Decoder v4.0.0 SW Module.

For MP3 encoding I plan to use MP3 Encoder v2.0.0 SW Module. But, according to the encoder ducumentation, the minimal sample frequency is 32 kHz and the minimal MP3 stream bitrate is 32 kbps. Is it possible to use the encoder for 16kHz frequency and 16 kbps bitrate in some way? Thank you for replies.