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ADF4350 not locking

Question asked by Hao on Oct 7, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2010 by icollins

We are attempting to configure the ADF4350 wideband synthesizer to give us a frequency range from 174 to 240 MHz.
These frequency are the European standard Digital Audio Broadacasting frequencies.
Our current problem appears when we set the loop filter with a passband of 12 kHz, the filter and programming instructions to the ADF4350 was designed using the simulation tools from ADI,
We could not acheive a lock with the ADF4350, please advice on the best course of action to help us a achieve a lock?


We have look up the data sheet and verify it using other calculation method but still the ADF4350 performs to the same poor condition.


We attached the test results and hope to receive a reply from you.


Thank you for your help!