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GNU Radio with IIO blocks (FMCOMMS2 Sink not working)

Question asked by lnreddy123 on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by lnreddy123

We have tried using the provided FMCOMMS-Sink/Source blocks with GNU Radio and Zed Board(FMCOMMS-3). We are able to get the receiver working. But we are not able to get the transmitter (FMCOMMS-Sink) working.


The experiment we are trying to perform is to send two tones (50 KHz and 75KHz) modulated at Fc 2.5GHz.  When we try using the FMCOMMS2 sink and send two tones we observe spectrum as shown below. No matter whatever is the frequency of the tone we observe always the same pattern.




We tried using the OSC application and observe that the spectrum looks fine. The OSC application is executed on a separate Zedboard and is connected to RX1 port of the 2nd Zedboard. At the second Zedboard by using the FMCOMMS2 Soure, we find that the two tones are received fine.



I have attached the sample GRC files.


We have also tried using the provided examples under iio-examples and made similar observations. We have tried setting Cyclic option in fmcomms2_sink to both TRUE and FALSE.

Please help us in getting the transmit working. Thanks in advance.