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ADV7611 EDID configuration

Question asked by amirk on Oct 18, 2014
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We use ADV7611 in our product and we have a problem when connecting to Dolby Digital sources. Our device only support 2 channel PCM and the EDID configured in the ADV7611 publishes that Dolby Digital is supported.


I reviewed many posts in this forum and I downloaded recommend tool for editing EDID + the ADV7611 recommended EDID in the right format (Matt you provided it in other post).


The problem is that when I load the recommended EDID file and just save is with the EDID tool with different name, I get different file (values are changed compared to the original file).


I found other tools, but most of them use bin files.


Do you have any explanation for this behavior?

Is it possible to have the right configuration for supporting only 2 channel PCM configuration?

I'd appreciate your support!