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AD9364 manually initiated calibrations don't converge (quadrature, cp)

Question asked by beeaaver on Oct 18, 2014
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I am working on AD9364 device on my custom hardware.

The digital interface is connected to FPGA device and controlled by NIOS soft processor.

I am using the non-OS driver without any changes accept for the default_init_param structure (attached).

Both rx and tx fir filters are bypassed.


The ad9361_internal_init function passes without any errors, but when I initiate a calibration outside of this function it fails to converge.

Charge pump calibration called by ad9361_txrx_synth_cp_calib(phy, 2 * phy->clk_refin->rate, false) timeouts every time.


TX quad calibration initiated by ad9361_tx_quad_calib(ad9361_phy, real_tx_bandwidth, -1)

runs till Quad Cal Count (register 0x0A9) limit, and exits with random values of phase gain and offset.

When I force the Free Run Enable =1 (reg 0x0A1)  the calibration runs forever.


I've performed the Rx NCO Phase Offset calibration procedure described in the TX quad FAQ section but it changed nothing.


What do I miss?


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