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AD9889B HDMI transmitter circuit

Question asked by bremen on Oct 17, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2014 by DaveD

Hello there,

I am working on an application where I use BeagleBone Black and its LCD pins. What I want to do is rebuild the HDMI interface on the board to a motherboard connected to it, so I can have a separate HDMI socket on the edge of the motherboard. I wanted to copy the HDMI interface from the board 1:1 + line buffers but the problem I encountered is that I cannot find the TDA19988 chip used on the board anywhere. None of the known for me distributors has them.

I decided then to try out the AD9889B chip. Later on I discovered this chip is a bit obsolete and there is an update available (ADV7513). Now I have ordered and paid for the 1st chip already and I rather use this one, even though his status is obsollete.

I wasnt abble to find any refference designs for the chip, Analog site doesnt give the schematic for eval board as well.


I would really aprichiate any help regarding this application, a confirmation either it is possible to replace the NXP's TDA19988 with AD9889B without any big changes in the hardware (and hopefully none in the software). The chips seems to me to be used for the same purpose but I would really aprichiate some refference design for the AD9889B, the datasheet is really short and doesnt give it.


I have attached the HDMI circuit that is currently sassembled on the BeagleBone Black.