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AD7190 Fullscale Register issues

Question asked by Thomas123456 on Oct 17, 2014
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my Fullscale Register and my conf Register dont really work.


if i Write 0x108808 into the config register the adc gets into Fullscale system calibration mode and doesnt leave this mode.

if i dont change the second byte of the config register the adc doesnt do this.


if i read the fullscale Register, i get fhe value 0xFFFFF0

and if i read the data register i get different values.


my routine:

Reset ADC

Wait 0,5ms

Set Mode to 0x180001

Read Mode Register --> 0x188801

Set Conf to 0x108808

Read Conf Register --> 0xFF8808

Read Fullscale Regiser -- 0xFFFFF0