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Required Vivado, HDL and FPGA/Linux driver versions for FMCOMMS2/3 with Zedboard?

Question asked by on Oct 16, 2014
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I am using FMCOMMS2 and FMCOMMS3 with the Zedboard.


So far, for HDL/software/tools, I have been using:

1. Xilinx ISE 14.4,

2. the associated version of the HDL from the head of

3. the associated version of Linux from the xcomm_zynq branch of

so far.


I would like to upgrade to Vivado and have a few questions:


1. Could you please let me know exactly which Vivado version I should use? I was unable to find this information from the HDL wiki at ADI Reference Designs HDL User Guide [Analog Devices Wiki] .


2. Also, can I just use the HDL from the head of ?


3. For fmcomms2, I see two projects: fmcomms2 and fmcomms2_pr ? I assume the pr is for partial reconfiguration? What partial reconfiguration features does it provide?


4. What is the associated Linux version I should use? Can I just use the head of the xcomm_zynq branch from or should I use some other branch/tag?


5. What is the associated IIO oscilloscope version I should use with this combo of HDL and Linux for FMCOMMS2/3+Zed?


If this information is already documented, apologies and please let me know - I was unable to find an answer on the wiki pages, and nothing authoritative in the forums when I looked.