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Need help implementing CVBS and HD/SDI output from VGA / LVDS

Question asked by freedom on Oct 16, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2014 by DaveD

Hi all,


I am new to the world of video, and am working on a project that requires me to take the video output from an industrial motherboard and output the content over both CVBS (2x output ports) and SDI.


My motherboard supplies me with VGA and LVDS.  HDMI is also available but I think that is an unnecessary step.


I have a prototype custom circuit board with an ADV7343, which was wired to accept an RGB24 signal, and then output CVBS.  I have gotten this hooked up, powered, talking over I2C.  By changing resolutions on my software and adjusting the I2C settings on the 7343, I was able to get something to display on my screen, but it was out of sync or something so it did not look right.  I turned on the color bars and I was not able to get them to look normal; I got it close a few times, but I either had a scanning black bar, they were much too fuzzy, or otherwise distorted.


I also have, on this same board, a non-Analog Devices LVDS to SDI converter, which I am still working with, but I'm not sure it will ultimately do what I need it to do either.


To my questions:


1) Knowing I have a VGA signal from a computer, what hardware would be best to use to get 2 CVBS outputs, which are formatted as proper PAL / NTSC?  (I will need both PAL and NTSC, software selectable).


2) What would I need to do to my VGA signal (resolution, frame rate, interlacing) to get it to be PAL / NTSC?  Is there some additional hardware required to interlace or scale it properly?


3) Does Analog Devices have any solution for converting to SDI video?  I need at least HD, but not 3G.


4) I will also need the option to Genlock my video signal.  I don't know much about how to implement this.  I know that the end user will have a Genlock signal, plug it into my device, and if it is present, I will need to use it.  If it is not present, then I don't use it.  Please take this into account with any suggestions.