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EVAL ADE7878 EBZ- wavesign sampling data acess

Question asked by augusto.dr on Oct 16, 2014
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my name is Augusto, I'm engineer student and academic researcher in the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Santa Catarina, in Brazil. Our research group works in a Phasorial Measurement Unit prototype development project.


We are using the EVAL ADE7878 EBZ board structure as base to understand the process of voltage phasor measurement and develop ourself process.


We need to have acess to the data ( the code function or the register) that contains the instantaneous value of the wave measured by the ADE7878 to compare with a theorical phasor based on a GPS time base. Our doubt is to know how works the wave sampling acquision code and if is possible to the user/developer to get to this information.


Thank you in advance!




Augusto Daniel Rodrigues.


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