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AD9361 Drivers

Question asked by SDR_Radio on Oct 16, 2014
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I wish to know about AD936X No-OS Drivers which is provided in wiki website.  I am asking this doubt to know basic idea on these drivers, i consulted many of my seniors about how to use these drivers in my customized boards developed by using SPARTAN, ARTIX and BLACFIN ICs along with AD9361/4, but i didn't get any positive response fro them. So i want to know, Are these drivers can be use if you have evaluation platforms like AC701, ZC702 & ZC706. Or we can use these drivers along with any of out customized boards? I heard few people are telling these drivers can we use if our board have DDR like evaluation board. Is it correct?


Please let me know about basic idea of how to use these ADI developed No-OS drivers in my customized board either by using ISE or Vivado?


Thanks for your support.